Sunday, August 26, 2007

First Blog

Hi. My name is Jackie. Having fussed with the idea of starting a blog for several days, probably weeks, I finally decided to just do it. So here I am. Writing a blog.

My intentions: As I am an artist, the primary intention, what you will most likely read about here, is to write about my work and what I'm developing. This is something I do not do easily. It is about as easy for me to verbalize what I'm doing and why as it is for ducks to explain how they do that cool wings spread out splooshy water landing thing.

Secondary intentions include a way to show my work, finding a community of like-minded people also trying to figure out how to land in the water without getting their heads wet, and journaling my work. I've found that when I write about my artistic intentions I have a better chance of realizing them.

In general, I don't much care for those blogs where you find yourself reading about how their cat threw up a hairball last night at three a.m. so they're pretty tired so they're just going to post about not much (my apologies to anyone reading this who sees that statement as unbelievably judgemental on my part.) I'm hoping I don't end up sounding like that. And, since blogging is pretty new to me and I have no idea who, if anyone, will even read this thing, I would like to be very funny, artistic and wonderful for you, my invisible audience, but will probably end up talking about hairballs. Ack.

My self: I'm married to a great guy who's a writer and editor and one of the funniest men I've ever met. I've got two sons, both of whom are also funny and charming and although very creative, are seemingly without an artistic bone in their bodies, although the oldest makes a mean balloon animal and the youngest is quite a tale spinner.

Currently, nearly 20 years after getting a college degree I did virtually nothing with, I am going back to tech school to get a degree in Graphic Design. Despite the fact that I took many art classes in college I did not actually acquire an art degree and, frankly, wouldn't have known what to do with one if I had. Artistically I am largely self taught. I mainly do mosaics and collage, some painting and lots more photography. More on that later. In the past I have also done one-of-a-kind dolls and quilting and will generally try any art project once.

So that's it. Well, that's not all of it. "It" would require more than the 200'ish words here, although it seems like, at times, not much more. I'm going to publish now and then go take some pictures, because it's a gorgeous late summer Sunday in the Midwest. Talk to you later, and next time I'll bring pictures.